FTC OKs New Compliance Program For Kids’ Online Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission said Friday it would allow an Aristotle International Inc. program to establish children's online privacy guidelines and oversee compliance with those guidelines, making Aristotle just the fifth organization to win safe harbor under an agency rule.

Aristotle Earns Safe Harbor Status from FTC

The Integrity Children’s Privacy Compliance Program, designed by Aristotle, just got word today that it was approved by the FTC as a "safe harbor" program.

Justice Department Ruling Boosts Aristotle’s Integrity Solution

Aristotle International, the leading provider of online age- and identity-verification today welcomed the new interpretation of the Wire Act, made public on Friday by United States Department of Justice.

Online Poker Should Be Dealt a Fresh Hand With Regulation

A small but growing number of states are considering legalizing online poker within their borders, hoping to increase tax revenue. An intrastate approach may lead to useful innovations, but it would limit competition among gambling operators and restrict the available pool of customers for a given service to in-state players. It would also result in a crazy patchwork of regulation for an online activity that is inherently interstate.

The Fight: A Rundown of the House Hearing on Online Poker

Online poker got to spend some time in the spotlight in Washington, D.C. as the House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce held a hearing weighing the pros and cons of legalizing and regulating online gambling in the United States and the pro-poker bill HR 2366, known more commonly as the Barton Bill.

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