Upcoming Event: USA Online Gambling Intensive 2013

USA_Online_Gambling_Intesive_2013-231x300USA Online Gambling Intensive 2013 will provide clarification on groundbreaking regulatory and commercial changes to the US gambling market.

The US online gambling market is estimated to be worth up to 12bn (Goldman Sachs 2009). With the doors to one of the world’s largest markets finally swinging open, what will the implications be for online operators around the world?

Regulation of the US online gambling market presents incredible opportunities for online gambling operators,industry service providers and investors. There are still, however, a number of hurdles to be crossed before this opportunity can be seized.

USA Online Gambling Intensive will explore the implications of these regulatory and commercial changes. Delivered by experts in the field including US-based lawyers, this one day conference will address a number of key questions and topics relating to the rapidly developing and dynamic US market.

Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • Current US landscape and pending legislation.
  • What next? Trends and predictions.
  • What regulators expect from licence applicants.
  • What investors need to know to be successful in the market.
  • What is (or is not) happening in the US Congress.
  • Insights related to online gambling by Tribes.

Learn more about the USA Online Gambling Intensive by clicking here.

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