Integrity ID-Direct

ID-Direct is a Web-based solution that allows you to quickly and conveniently authenticate individuals online. Instantly verify the age and identity of website visitors against a comprehensive database of government-issued ID’s for citizens of 135 countries around the globe.

The Integrity search format algorithms are compliant with internationally-accepted age verification laws and guidelines, and the information is returned in real time. With a database covering over 3.4 billion citizens worldwide, you can be confident moving forward in a global environment.

  • Real time – Verify in under three seconds
  • Global – 3.4 billion citizen database
  • Legal – Comply with U.S. privacy directives and international laws and guidelines
  • Reliable – Government-issued ID databases ensures a high degree of confidence
  • Insured – Transactions insured against fines imposed on the merchant for underage sales
  • Cost-effective – No setup fees, low rates, and only pay per match

Integrity Quiz

Question-Based Authentication

Using information gathered from your customer to meet KYC requirements (given name, surname, address or zip code—at a minimum), a list of questions is generated that uniquely relate to the individual.

True Out-of-Pocket Questions

Voter data—that is not found on any credit report—is drawn upon to offer a wider variety of questions than credit bureaus or credit-centric KBA systems.

Time and Velocity Questions

Specify the amount of time a client has to answer identity questions and fine tune the restrictions on successful verification. A velocity check restricts or bans subsequent attempts at verification in the event that a client fails the initial questions.

Integrity Lists: Financial Watch and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

As part of the Integrity IDV, Integrity Quiz, Integrity Documents and Integrity Face-to-Face, client information is checked against SSN dead rolls, OFAC, DFAT, HM Treasury, DEA, LEIE and 10 other global financial watch lists. Integrity also checks for PEP individuals that may need to be tracked and provides a flag response in the event there is a match.


Capture Government ID and Immediately Verify Mobile

AutoDoc scans a Governement ID instantly and then populates the information to the user profile or Web form.

Combating Rampant Fake IDs

AutoDoc takes scanned information and checks it against global identity data for fraud and KYC purposes.

How do you quickly acquire your customer and verify that individual’s data, all from a mobile device?

Using AutoDoc with one snap of an iPhone or Android camera, your customer can be on your site faster than they can enter name, address and phone number. The verified profile is passed to your customer profile system.

1. Select ID Type

2. Scan ID With App

3. Check Data

4. ID Is Verified

Integrity Document

Scan paper or government ID documents and an Integrity identity compliance expert will compare document images with global standards. Quickly upload documents through a webpage, email the images to our experts, or utilize multimedia platforms, such as Skype, to have a 100 percent verification check performed. Compatible applications include iPhone and Android, HTML 5, and PC.

Integrity Face-to-Face

Integrity’s video verification is a fully documented interaction in a secure, auditable form. Through secure video streaming such as Skype™, our compliance specialists take a real-time photo of an individual using that person’s webcam and compares that image to either one provided in a previously uploaded identity verification session or with the real-time capture of an identity document image during the verification session.

  • Video technology mimics in-person verification
  • Integrated with independent data verification
  • Real time response from compliance professionals
  • Secure and auditable processes and systems
  • Two-factor verification
  • Ideal for high risk, high value transactions
  • In-store processing, call centers, online application and enrollment