Stronger Online Privacy Regulation Comes with Tradeoffs

As calls for comprehensive online privacy legislation get louder, Congress is looking to the experience of our cousins across the Atlantic where the European Union has had strict privacy regulations for over 15 years. What they’re finding is that privacy protections come with tradeoffs.

Online Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission is proposing stricter rules to protect children using the Internet and other social media from exploitation.

Consumer Watchdog Calls for Federal Action on Web Advertising

Consumer Watchdog today called for a federal law that would enable online shoppers to opt out of receiving ads based on their online behavior.

Town Hall Meeting on Children’s Online Privacy

Parents are invited to a community discussion with business leaders and U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier tonight in Mountain View on how to protect their children's online privacy.

Seventy Percent Say Asking User for Birth Date Is ‘Bogus’ Verification

IBOPE Zogby/Aristotle Poll: majority want better controls of children's access to social network content

Integrity News Update

Integrity News Update: "The Change-Up" Red Band Trailer, FTC Fines App-Maker, Kagan Talks SCOTUS Video Game Ruling and More.

Obama Nominates Internet Policy Expert Ohlhausen to FTC

President Obama on Tuesday said he plans to nominate Maureen K. Ohlhausen to the Federal Trade Commission, bringing a telecom and technology policy expert to the enforcement agency that has put greater focus on data protection and privacy on the Internet.

Facebook May Face Tighter Age Rules

Tighter age limits could be placed on the use of Facebook in Australia with state and federal attorneys-general meeting to consider issues with children using the social networking site.

Parents Snooping on Children via Facebook Is Normal

More than half of parents log onto social networking sites like Facebook to spy on what their children are doing, a study has found.

Lawmakers Say Children First in Online Privacy

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) said Thursday that amid the many proposals for online privacy laws, the first step should be protecting children.

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