Aristotle Integrity Revolutionizes Player Onboarding with IDVerse for Global iGaming Reach

LONDON, UK – 24 October 2023  The leading data verification service in the U.S. Gaming Industry, Aristotle Integrity, has partnered with world-leading digital ID verification company IDVerse (previously known as OCR Labs Global) to easily scale player onboarding and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes.

IDVerse’s entirely automated generative AI-powered solution is seamlessly incorporated into the Aristotle AutoDoc orchestration platform. This integration enables users to swiftly scan any one of over 16,000 ID documents issued globally, automatically populating the user’s gaming profile or web form with the relevant information, all the while conducting fraud screening.

The integration delivers best-in-class document processing, face biometrics and verification services. IDVerse’s technology seamlessly onboards new players to Aristotle Integrity and swiftly reauthenticates loyal players quickly and securely for any step-up actions like detail account change or cashout.

This partnership also allows Aristotle Integrity’s U.S. gaming and sports operators access to all of IDVerse’s capabilities in over 23 U.S. states and territories and globally through Integrity’s gaming operator clients abroad.

Michael Bolcerek, SVP of Business Development, Aristotle Integrity, commented: “We love IDVerse’s capability of moving into any territory without a large number of documents upon which to train an identity verification model. Combining our solution with IDVerse’s accuracy to make a conclusive yes/no decision without human intervention, we believe it will have great appeal to our customers and prospects.”

Bolcerek continued:  ”The majority of our clientele comprises international gaming firms with interests spanning the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Consequently, IDVerse’s worldwide attractiveness aligns seamlessly with our overarching global vision for ID verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) services.”

Fiona Davies, Global Head of Gaming of IDVerse, added, “For any iGaming company with a global customer base, addressing AI bias that can reduce onboarding numbers is a significant concern, often exceeding the threat of fraud. IDVerse’s Zero Bias AI™ tested technology harnesses generative AI to answer both concerns.”

Davies continued:  “IDVerse produces “goodfakes’ as a powerful defense against deepfakes and synthetic media. Consequently, our training data is ethically sourced and avoids the use of actual faces whilst providing a great experience for each individual player – making your potential player base larger. Utilising training data obtained from real faces can raise compliance concerns, as seen with the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) in Illinois. Companies should prioritise transparency by seeking a “nutrition label” and inquiring about the origin of their training data.”

IDVerse’s technology has undergone rigorous testing conducted by NIST-accredited labs, including iBeta and BixeLab, using globally recognised biometric standards such as TDIF, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). Among ID verification companies, no other entity has achieved a comparable level of testing certifications, encompassing both the breadth of standards assessed and the actual performance scores obtained.

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About Aristotle Integrity

Aristotle is the global leader in providing technology to political campaigns and organizations, offering a seamless solution for campaign software, voter data, PAC and grassroots software and services.

Since 1983, every U.S. president—from Reagan through Obama—have used Aristotle’s solution, in addition to countless senatorial and congressional campaigns, Democratic and Republican state party initiatives and many of the largest PAC and grassroots organizations.

Integrity is a suite of widely accepted identity and age verification solutions, presented by Aristotle. Providing tailored solutions to both commercial and government sectors, Integrity is the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach for age and identity verification available across multiple platforms.

Aristotle Integrity’s extensive identity data enables real-time identity validation for eKYC, AML, identity and anti-fraud, or simply understanding more about your customer base, all from a single API interface called Integrity IDV. Integrity IDV is the leading data verification service in the U.S. gaming industry and is licensed everywhere online sportsbooks and iGaming companies are regulated in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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About IDVerse

IDVerse helps you quickly scale your business globally. Our fully-automated solution verifies new players in seconds with just their face and smartphone—in over 220 countries and territories with any ID document—without the burden of human intervention.

We empower true and instant identity for people around the world. Through our Zero Bias AI™ tested technology, we are pioneering the use of generative AI to train deep neural network systems to protect against discrimination on the basis of race, age and gender. We are the first company to achieve 99.99% accuracy in independent lab testing.

Our advancements in Natural Vision Processing (NVP) are enabling machines to autonomously see and perceive as humans and excel in ways that humans cannot.

IDVerse is trusted by startups, governments, and global enterprises, including HSBC, Vodafone, BMW, Virgin Money, and ANZ, for borderless and inclusive identity verification. Founded in Australia in 2018, IDVerse is a Series B venture-backed company with headquarters in London and offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

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