UK iGaming Age Restriction: Verify at Registration or Else

Whilst it has been common in the iGaming market that the age of the user has been verified at the first deposit of money on the site, recent activity by the U.K. Gaming Commission should cause iGaming operators to rethink their marketing and on-boarding strategy.

Based upon the recent letter that the Gaming Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Remote Gaming Association (RGA) sent out to iGaming operators, it is a big change for many sites.

Articles in the U.K.’s National Press have highlighted concerns that feature images that relate to youth culture are enticing both under 16’s to Lotteries and under 18’s to iGaming sites.

Particular adverts identified by the ASA include those adverts with colors, cartoon and comic book images, animals, child- and youth-orientated references and names of games will be banned.

Adverts across freeplay, TV, affiliate and direct marketing channels will therefore all be affected and subsequently the need for Age Verification as part of the operators marketing and registration strategy will be even greater, to weed out any new and previously enticed minors.

Now operators will need to review Age Verification across their marketing databases, media campaigns and landing pages where their exposure and user “gamification” could be even greater.

As players move from verification at deposit to verification at registration the number of false attempts increase exponentially as users tend to attempt access with fictitious information most frequently a false date of birth. As a “click to affirm” button often governs most access to adult content, where no personal data is affirmatively verified, users are accustomed to be less than truthful, with 01/01/XX being the most used day of birth. Accordingly failures tend to balloon, including costs.

Since Aristotle Integrity only charges on positive verifications so users can get their second chances and “correct” their inadvertent registration entry and gain access And our customers only pay once, on success.

Traditionally 8 out of 10 leading iGaming companies have used Aristotle Integrity to ensure that children do not access adult content at point of initial deposit with real time verification as part of their payments process. Now they can use the same API’s at registration and also any clean any marketing databases to ensure that their marketing strategy is only targeted to over 18’s.

iGaming operators, therefore, do have good options to address the U.K. Gaming Commissions latest requirement.


Michael Bolcerek
Senior Vice President, Business Development, Aristotle International

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