Lack of Effective Vape, e-Cig Age Verification Pose Threat to Industry

Lack of Effective Vape, e-Cig Age Verification Pose Threat to Industry

When it comes to vape and e-cigarette age verification, a click through or box checking is not verification. However, some small and large vape and e-cigarette retailers have adopted this process as a standard method of verification. Let me be clear, this is AGE AFFIRMATION. It is like Stuart Smalley from SNL, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” I like affirmations, it makes you feel good, but really, nothing is verified.

What is true age verification? It’s a validation against some type of third party data source primarily including a government source or a review of a government ID. The use of Facebook or Google while interesting does not meet the criteria for other tobacco products, called the Prevention against Cigarette Trafficking or PACT Act.


What does the PACT Act mean for age verification of tobacco distribution? The law that was passed and signed by the president requires that for the sale, marketing, and distribution of tobacco products, the individual to whom the product is marketed needs to be verified by a majority of government information.

Aristotle Integrity provides this service…bottom line.

One may ask, why would companies who market vape or e-cigarette products be held to a different criterion? We at Aristotle Integrity suggest they are not.

What is the issue then?  Perhaps bravado, perhaps a desire to reduce friction or perhaps to roll the dice on fines and shutdown. Aristotle is able to help those companies who understand risk, regulation and essentially good business practices by selling to adults.  There is little reason for vape and e-cigarette companies not to incorporate a method that meets the existing requirements as required or even the higher standards for the PACT ACT.


Michael Bolcerek
Senior Vice President, Business Development     



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