Will Facebook Get Serious About Online Privacy?

MarketPlace-logoAn interview with Marketplace's Steve Henn on Facebook and Online Privacy.

Kai Ryssdal: We can debate all day long whether there's any such thing as real online privacy in this digital day and age, but we do like to believe there is. Which is why we tend to get upset with companies that take that belief for granted.

Facebook has settled charges it violated users' personal privacy by sharing their information with clients and others without their consent.

Marketplace's Steve Henn has the details. Hey Steve.

Steve Henn: Hey.

So Facebook, privacy -- big, long, complicated topic. What's this specific case about?

Henn: Facebook got in trouble for deceiving consumers, according to the FTC. Basically telling them they can keep their information on Facebook private and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared or made public.

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