Is there any special processes required for backup and recovery?

Because the system is provided as a web service hosted by Aristotle no client software is provided, thus there are no special backup procedures.

What are the implementation costs and ongoing operational costs?

Verification services are billed on an annual basis. There are no fixed costs, support costs, or initial setup costs. Pricing is based upon an annual volume of identity matches as determined by the client by its pre-purchase of Integrity matches. If supplemental services are chosen by the client, these are billed on a monthly basis, based upon their specific price and arrangement (match or transactional). Manual verification services are billed on a monthly basis on a transactional basis and are volume driven as well.

Pricing is based upon per-matched (passed) transaction. Transaction fees are tiered priced based upon annual volumes. The greater the transaction volume will result with lower fees per matched transaction.

Can you describe the testing processes and phases required for our client to implement your solution?

A full test environment is available for clients to ensure they have successfully integrated their systems with Integrity. The first phase of testing involves canned test scenarios that enable the client to build confidence in sending verification requests and receiving verification results. The second phase of testing involves real people scenarios that enable the client to finalize production systems prior to launching the verification service.

Can you describe your test environment?

The test environment enables clients to understand the full verification process offered by Integrity. It is designed to ensure clients have successfully implemented the verification service with their systems. It is not used to determine match rates or feasibility studies. These types of tests are conducted offline.

Can you describe the support available during testing?

Full pre/post sales support is provided during the testing process. This is available by phone and e-mail, and on-site assistance is available for a fee.

What is the process for upgrading to new versions of your product?

The Integrity service is web based so there is no software running on the client side to upgrade. If Aristotle upgrades its server software it will be accomplished using secondary and back up servers architecture so that no or minimal downtime is required. This is accomplished through a maintenance window and all clients are notified if any downtime is expected.