Integrity-Überprüfen Safeguards German iGaming

We are happy to announce a collaboration with Überprüfen, a new German identity verification service approved by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media. Überprüfen incorporates three Integrity services – Integrity IDV, Integrity Document and Integrity Face2Face – into one seamless solution to safeguard German minors from iGaming services. The solution uniquely combines data verification, document verification and a face-to-face video verification to ensure the player is of legal age and complies with the aims of German gaming authorities.

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Changes to COPPA Rules

On July 1st, 2013, child directed sites will be required to provide parents with the ability to understand what is being shared and authorize the sharing of the personal information of children.  This new standard will include sharing personal information to ad networks through behavioral advertisement in addition to other requirements for sharing of information.

Aristotle's COPPA Program and Verifiable Parental Consent

Aristotle Integrity is the most recently approved COPPA safe harbor provider for websites who are facing this issue, and the only one who controls all of the technical services necessary to meet this new standard. Aristotle is the only FTC approved Safe Harbor Program that can both deliver the FTC compliance safe harbor services and seal, and more importantly the means to meet these standards, without looking elsewhere. Finally, Aristotle offers the most complete options for prior parental consent, so parents can find a way that they are comfortable with, to enable their child's activities on the site or game.

Experienced Leadership in Verification

In 2001, Aristotle launched its global age and identity verification business, Integrity™.

The Integrity service operates on a variety of platforms including internet, mobile, interactive voice response, and hand-held devices. Integrity helps responsible merchants mitigate the risk of identity fraud online, at events, and at the point of sale and restrict access by minors. Deployments include US lotteries, European IGaming companies, major motion picture studios, virtual worlds, wineries, brewers, tobacco, financial services companies, transportation security and government agencies, and advertising agencies. Integrity offers the following:

  • Solid track record with more than 50 million consumers worldwide having had their identity and/or age verified by IntegrityTM when transacting with Global Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and merchants.
  • Rapid traction and acceptance of regulators with significant media attention and high privacy ratings.
  • Experienced, respected high quality management team.
  •  Respected brand with enthusiastic clients consisting of thousands of elected officials and their staff, compliance officers and marketers since 1983.
Aristotle's Integrity - global age and ID verification

Age and Identity Verification

      • Effectively separate adult content from minors, allowing for a child-friendly environment without requiring a credit card
      • 2010 PACT Act compliance for all tobacco and e-cigarette sales and distribution.
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      • Screen for registered sex offenders to help keep children safe
      • Enable adults to have adult conversations with other adults without the concern that a minor might be present
      • Hold age-restricted events, knowing with confidence that all of your attendees are of proper age. Learn more »

Aristotle's Integrity - global age and ID verification

Brand Protection

      • Improved targeting for marketing and sales through real-time verification of your customers
      • Capture verification details for future marketing use
      • Ensuring your brand is aligned with community responsibility
      • Doing more than required gives you potential Safe Harbor
      • Create accountability for online comments
      • Reduce risk of fraud and spam
Aristotle's Integrity - global age and ID verification


      • Reducing fraud and stimulating business, globally
      • PEP and Watch lists available
      • EU Enhanced Due Diligence available
      • We offer a risk-based approach