Introducing the widest range of real-time age verification solutions available to the adult entertainment market.

Compliance with the Digital Economy Bill regulations are expected April 30, 2018. We have the best solutions available NOW that you can demo and integrate.

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If the number is pre-verified as 18+ by your mobile provider you will receive a SMS message and will need to reply with the word verify to complete verification or select another format.

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Integrity Adult API

Verify the age of users through an integrated real-time API.

  • Choose from multiple verification and authentication modules: credit card, SMS, debit card and real-time document verification.
  • Improve Age Verification Rates with the widest U.K. and Global databases available.
  • Verify international ID documents or credit cards of international visitors.
  • Integrity supports the encryption, security and PCI when handling sensitive data.
  • Deliver a frictionless registration experience.
  • Reduce costs while maximizing Age
  • Verification rates with bespoke, custom workflows.
  • Get simple match and fraud scores to protect your customers, weeding out bots and the risk of gamification.

Integrity Adult Age Verification Payments

Monetize your Age Verification costs

  • Unique micro-billing platform
  • PCI compliant
  • Sophisticated fraud scoring and monitoring
  • Multiple payment options

Integrity Adult iFrame & Webpage

Monetize your Age Verification costs

  • Multiple verification methods for your users to choose from
  • Simple +18 pass/fail flag and without heavy integration
  • Expert management of age verification work flow, fraud rules and data protection and storage provided by Aristotle Integrity


Leader in age verification for over 15 years.

Global Reach

Real-time verification provided in over 135 countries. Approved by KJM in Germany for Adult Age Verification.

Preferred Provider

Eight of the top 10 European internet gambling operators use Aristotle Integrity through a real-time API to keep underage players 18+ and off their sites. Regulated iGaming companies and lotteries in US use Aristotle Integrity to meet state regulations and Aristotle is licensed by NJ and NV to provide age verification.

COPPA Approved

Approved COPPA compliance provider in the US and is authorized by the FTC to provide compliance services to child sites.

Industry-Leading Clientele

Clients include leaders in the Tobacco, Alcohol and Finance industries.

Largest Global Database

Leverages the largest amount of identity data in the U.K. and internationally, to support real-time Age Verification including an exclusive millennial data source called EduMatch.