The new U.K. database from Aristotle Integrity. Get real-time verification of the entire British student population including millennials, overseas students and those with professional and vocational skills.

Verify millennials and mature students

Verify more adults in age-sensitive markets

Improve KYC match rates as part of your compliance program

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One Integration

Integrate Integrity IDV “software as service” platform once and get verification of British and global consumers immediately through a secure API.

Combined as part of Aristotle Integrity's U.K. IDV product, EduMatch extends the real-time verification capability to provide the highest match rates of consumers in the UK. And, when paired with Aristotle Integrity's global identity verification solution, websites can verify individuals from over 135 countries within three seconds.

Sophisticated Matching Algorithms

Based on the submitted user’s name, address when qualified, postal code and date of birth through Aristotle Integrity’s identity verification partners.

U.K. KYC and Multiple Sources (2+2)

KYC laws may require verification of an individual on two or more separate sources. Integrity offers identity sources for KYC validation from the Electoral Roll, Credit and utility sources.

Age Solutions

Quick ID Verification